Clash Royale Hack for Unlimited Free Gems

There is absolutely no reason to tell you how addictive Clash Royale can be. It really pushes you into a totally new world. You are more eager everyday to obtain those trophies you need for the next arena. But it goes pretty hard without the needed gems. Right? Well, you might want to implement a little cheat for a change. But, more on that later.

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Clash Royale is an online dual-challenge and real-time mobile game. Throughout the game you collect and unlock new cards, that can later be included in your deck. The main focus is to collect cards and upgrade them respectively, in order to build a more powerful deck. The objective is to defeat your opponent by knocking out their towers, thus gaining trophies.

Once you achieve victory, you gain trophies, chests and small amount of gold. The number of chests slots is 4. Once you fill these spots, you can’t acquire more. However, once your chest slots are full, you can still play free of charge. You will only gain gold with each victory (and acquire trophies too).

Being the game premium resource, gems are the ultimate weapon for gaining trophies and advancing further into higher arenas. They are needed for purchasing gold, so you can upgrade your cards. Or you can speed the chests unlocking process as well, speeding your game progress overall. Gems are mainly obtained through in-app purchases and cost really a lot. There are some strategies how to obtain free gems. Even the use of Clash Royale hack. Some of them highly more effective than others though.

The other game resource is gold. It’s really hard to obtain both resources through play. Plus, it gets tougher to upgrade your cards as you progress along. You really need to dedicate into the game so you won’t feel its insufficiency. Or even better, you can cheat a little. Everyone needs a help from time to time, ain’t that so?

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The “How to Get 500 Gems Free” is one of the most shared tutorials that we provide. It really helps, boosting you with a nice start. And the best thing is, it works perfectly well with both Android and iOS. On top of all, you don’t have to pay anything to obtain those gems.

There are many tutorials that we share. And people find it really interesting, effective and necessary.

Record Screen Tutorial Guide

You have probably heard of “Gaming with Molt”, “Nickatnyte” and “ChiefPat” and their famous YouTube channels. They are recording the screen as they play. That way, they are showing you various tactics and gameplay styles. This actually makes it pretty fun to watch. If you ever wondered how they do it, or if you want to do it yourself, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for it.

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Play with More than One Account

Many people have the necessity to possess more than one account for this game. You can do it by using only one device. For example, you need additional account for trying and experimenting new strategies. The reason is – not losing trophies if the new strategies suck. Want to know how it’s done? Just follow this step-by-step tutorial.

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Clash Royale Hack Cheat Features

Here’s what these cheats provide for you:

Free Gems. This is the game premium resource. Hardest to obtain. You receive a small amount with each chest you open. However, it’s mostly not enough to create the deck you truly want.

Free Gold. The other Clash Royale resource within the game. You get gold with each battle you win and with each chest you open. Needed for upgrading units only. Gold can be obtained by purchasing it with gems too. Which makes gems even more desirable as well.

No account ban. Using our cheats will not resolve in banning your account in any way. On the contrary, the free gems policy is widely supported by Supercell too.

Totally safe to use. This system is totally safe to use, in terms of viruses and malware. Everything is checked, monitored and marked as safe.

Get bonus tutorial. How to Get 500 Gems Free tutorial can really help you in the start of the game. Although these gems are not enough, you can easily generate much more.

How it Works

This online generator works pretty simple and is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the generator by clicking on the “Load Generator” button below.
  2. Insert your username. Pay attention to capital letters, they DO matter.
  3. Slide the amount of gems and gold you prefer.
  4. Click on the Generate button. Wait until the procedure is finished.
  5. Small human verification might be required. This is to make sure you are human. Just fulfill one offer completely and the procedure can successfully continue. That will be all. After that, enjoy your newly added gems and gold.

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Want to know how to use the gems most effectively? Watch the video below and learn how to master the game:

Different Decks – Different Style

Many decks work differently on every player. People wonder, what will be the best deck for this game? The answer is – there is none. Every deck you combine is good and efficient on its own way. It all depends on the level of the Arena you’re in. However, there are some cards that have the tendency to be more effective than others.

Some decks has proven to be more effective than others in a particular Arena. It’s understandable that a deck that works perfectly on Arena 4, will not work the same way in Arena 8. Remember, it’s all about combinations. Don’t just put all the high-cost cards in your deck. In matter of fact, one of the best decks is low-cost cards only.